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Centro expositivo "778. La batalla de Roncesvalles"

Cammino di Santiago
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Centro expositivo
icono pie de fotoExposición etnográfica de una cocina tradicional
Centro expositivo
icono pie de fotoCentro expositivo
Centro expositivo
icono pie de fotoExposición los Bolantes de Valcarlos
Centro expositivo
icono pie de fotoExposición "778. La Batalla de Valcarlos"

El tiempo

Exposición etnográfica de una cocina tradicional Charlemagne and his troops, as they passed through the Pyrenees, were defeated at the ravines of Luzaide/Valcarlos by the Vascons in 778. The defeat had a major impact and was sung and reproduced hundreds of times throughout the Middle Ages. From that time onwards, the legends and myths about this event are well-known throughout Europe.

To raise public awareness and to commemorate this historical event, Luzaide/Valcarlos, a town which is particularly known for being the first town in Navarra on the Way of St James, has set up this exhibition centre to give visitors information on the latest investigations regarding this battle.

This centre also houses the Tourist Information Point and another two exhibitions with an ethnographic content. 
  • Recreation of the traditional kitchen in Luzaide/Valcarlos: with items and utensils that were used in times of old.
  • Exhibition on the Bolantes de Valcarlos (local traditional dancers): costumes worn by the characters in the town's carnival, which has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest by the Government of Navarra.



  • Del 16 de octubre al 31 de marzo: cerrado.

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