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Yoga, meditación y relajación en el Museo Henri Lenaerts

In the town of Irurre, with spectacular views over the calm blue waters of the Alloz reservoir, the peaceful valley of Guesálaz and the Urbasa-Andía mountain range, is the museum of the Belgian sculptor Henri Lenaerts, a regular practitioner of the Hindu philosophy.

Throughout the year the Henri Lenaerts foundation, which manages the museum and understands the works of the sculptor and the appropriateness of the setting for permanent meditation, organises different yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions. The goal of the session? It consists in being aware of your body and breathing, with the aim of achieving a feeling of peace and well-being. A tool that can be used everyday to help you cope with stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns.

The sessions come in various formats: half day, 1 day, a weekend or longer, and take place in small groups of between 5 and 10 people. Workshops are organised using different elements of daily life and nature. They normally start at 9:00 and end at 13:30, including the breakfast.

Make the most of this special spot that is filled with energy to hone your emotions, you will love the experience. Have a look at the website lto know different courses.


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Normalmente la actividad dura medio día, pero también se pueden organizar sesiones de día entero o de fin de semana.