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Monreal Tower



Monreal Tower


The 'Monreal tower' is a defensive structure built in the 13th century on high ground to the south-west of Tudela to act as a lookout post over the territory, although its present appearance is due to later reconstructions.

It is a hexagonal brick building that contains the only evidence of its mediaeval status, the aljibe (well), an underground tank for storing drinking water from the rain.

The latest reform has turned it into the first dark room in Navarre. An interpretation centre with provides information on the cultures that coexisted in the city at the time: Jews, Muslims and Christians.

The first chamber in history was designed by Aristotle, who defined it as follows: "You allow light to pass through a small hole cut in a dark room that is closed on all sides. On the wall opposite the hole you will see the image of what is opposite".

A device that turns through 360 degrees captures images of the area around the Torre Monreal in real time, and these are then projected inside the dark room. In each session, which lasts about twenty minutes, you can learn secrets about the history, evolution and curiosities of the city. It is an original idea that allows visitors to discover Tudela in a different way.

Did you know that...?

Se trata de la primera cámara oscura de Navarra.


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  • Locality TUDELA
  • Zone The Ribera
  • Address Calle Torre Monreal, s/n
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  • Tel. 948848058
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