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Day of the Toast

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Day of the Toast - Tostada de aceite
icono pie de fotoTostada de aceite
Day of the Toast - Aceituna variedad Arróniz
icono pie de fotoAceituna variedad Arróniz
Day of the Toast - Arróniz
icono pie de fotoArróniz
Day of the Toast - Nuestra Señora de Mendía
icono pie de fotoNuestra Señora de Mendía


Tostada de aceite  
Is there anything healthier than starting the day enjoying a piece of toast with a drop of olive oil? We are sure you will know of other options but... with a 'divine' olive oil? That would be more difficult. If you want to see for yourself, visit Arróniz, a pretty village in central Navarre where there is a legend that says that the olive tree that grows in the chapel of Mendía grew from the Virgin Mary's tears… so what could be better than spending a weekend paying homage to the village's star product?
The event takes place every year in February. On the Saturday there are competitions of olives and home-made desserts, and on the Sunday the 'Day of the Toast' and the Festivity of the Olive Oil of Navarre, where the traditional tasting of toast is joined by a gastronomy and handcraft fair. Are you up for it?


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