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Escuela Navarra de Teatro

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Escuela Navarra de Teatro
Escuela Navarra de Teatro


The curtain raises and the performance begins. The magic of each show invades the stage and the audience has the feeling that what they are seeing is unrepeatable. It will never be the same thing again, which is one of the delights of the theatre. This is why Navarra has had a centre dedicated to these unique compositions since 1986: La Escuela Navarra de Teatro. It is located in the heart of the city, in the old quarter next to the church of de San Agustín.

The ENT has devoted itself to the training of actors and the production and dissemination of original works for a demanding audience. It offers initiation courses on theatre technique, self-expression through movement and vocalisation for the general public.

With capacity for 300 people, this centre hosts major performances on the current scene. It also organises its own cycles: the Christmas Theatre, the Spring Theatre, the end-of-academic-year, the wonders of theatre or child theatre in Basque are excellent opportunities to enjoy the functions.

In a very short time the ENT has placed itself well on the cultural scene of Navarra as a benchmark. Do not miss the opportunity, check your diary and make a note against the play that attracts you most.



Tickets are sold at the box office 90 minutes before each performance.

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