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Tafalla - Fiestas. Gigantes y cabezudos
icono pie de fotoFiestas. Gigantes y cabezudos
Tafalla - Fuente de la Plaza Francisco de Navarra
icono pie de fotoFuente de la Plaza Francisco de Navarra
Tafalla - Convento de Recoletas
icono pie de fotoConvento de Recoletas
Tafalla - Fiestas de Tafalla
icono pie de fotoFiestas de Tafalla
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Fiestas. Gigantes y cabezudos
The main town and service centre of the central zone of Navarre, Tafalla is located 21 miles south of Pamplona, very close to Olite.

Crossed by the river Cidacos, the town maintains a mediaeval air in its highest part and a more modern atmosphere in the centre, where most of the shops and services are found.

The main square is the meeting place of the people of Tafalla and the scene of the main events. The original fountain is almost a symbol of the town.

Popular tradition says that it was founded by the first populator of the Iberian Peninsula, Túbal, who gives his name to a street and the most famous restaurant in the town. The narrow mediaeval streets of the old quarter, flanked by stone houses, invite you to stroll through it and discover its heritage.

Notable are the more than thirty coats of arms on the facades of the houses, some of them hundred-year-old palaces such as those of the Marqués de Feria or the Mencos family; the latter stands next to the convent of the Recoletas and its arch is one of the most representative images of Tafalla.

The church of Santa María jealously guards an altarpiece by Juan de Anchieta, one of the greatest Romanesque works and remains of the old wall and the ancient palace make up the architectural heritage of the town.

As well as the weekly market -held every Friday- on the 9th February the town holds the best-attended livestock fairs in the region, and has done so since the 15th century. Another livestock fair takes place on 25th October.

Tafalla locals embark on a pilgrimage to Ujué the Sunday after Saint Marcos (25th April).

Another key date in the town's diary is the month of August, when its festivities take place. They are well-known thanks to their bull runs and bullfights. Tafalla is also known for its well-known pine nut sweets "El Caserío".

Did you know that...?

Existen 5 paseos señalizados por Tafalla. Descárgatelos aquí.


How to get there and move around

Salir de Pamplona por la AP-15 dirección Imarcoain/Zaragoza/Madrid hasta la salida 56A Tafalla Norte y enlazar con la N-121 hasta la localidad.

Guided visit

Description: durante los puentes y periodos vacacionales, las empresas de la zona suelen organizar distintos tipos de visitas guiadas:

  • Visitas teatralizadas a Tafalla: consulta fechas y reserva tu plaza aquí
  • Visita guiada cultural a Tafalla: consulta fecha y reserva tu plaza aquí
  • Visitas al Palacio de los Mencos
  • Visitas para grupos durante todo el año (concertadas con antelación)


Price of the visit: consultar con las empresas.

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  • Accommodation
  • Bank
  • Cashpoint
  • Child-park
  • Cinema
  • Discotheque
  • Fronton
  • Guided visits
  • Health centre
  • Internet
  • Medical centre
  • Outdoor sports area
  • Petrol station
  • Pharmacy
  • Picnic spot
  • Pub
  • Restaurant / coffee-houses
  • Shpping centre
  • Spa
  • Sports centre
  • Supermarket / shop
  • Swimming-pool
  • Theatre

Wifi zone: en la biblioteca pública 948 703 933


  • El mercado semanal se celebra el viernes.

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