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Pochas - Recogida de pochas
icono pie de fotoRecogida de pochas
Pochas - Desgranando pochas
icono pie de fotoDesgranando pochas
Recogida de pochas
Very strongly associated with Navarrese pucheros (stews), these beans are mainly produced in Sangüesa, Pamplona, Tudela, Tafalla, Bera and Lumbier. Pochas are a variety of the white haricot bean which are eaten before they reach complete maturity. This is achieved by shelling the pods when they are not yet dry, which is why the beans are green, and their washed-out colour has given rise to their name.

These legumes are smooth, fresh and tender, and two categories can be found in Navarre: the native kidney-shaped bean and the bojo rounded bean. They start appearing on Navarrese tables around San Fermín (early July), although their peak season is August. They are delicious either simply stewed without any added meat or accompanied by a dish of green pickled chillies.

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