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Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair

Bodegas Finca Manzanos The Ribera Navarra is located in the south of this autonomous community, on the Ebro river floodplain. Here you can sample the rich cuisine of the area, its fantastic wines and have fun like a kid at the Sendaviva Adventure Park, located in Arguedas. You'll discover the rugged beauty of the Bardenas Reales nature park, designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and you'll get the opportunity to enjoy its greenways, or to relax in a disabled-friendly recreational spa resort. A complete offer for young and old alike, where fun is guaranteed.

Did you know that...?

Due to its exceptional landscapes, the Bardenas Reales has been selected as the filming location for a whole range of adverts, TV series and films, such as "Game of Thrones",  the 007 film "The world is not enough", or "Airbag", amongst others.

Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair - Bodegas Finca Manzanos
Bodegas Finca Manzanos
Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair - Bodegas Finca Manzanos
Bodegas Finca Manzanos
Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair - Palacio del Marques de Huarte. Tudela
Palacio del Marques de Huarte. Tudela
Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair - Plaza de los Fueros. Tudela
Plaza de los Fueros. Tudela
Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair - Catedral de Tudela
Catedral de Tudela
Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair - Verduras de Tudela
Verduras de Tudela
Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair - Sendaviva
Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair - Centro Termolúdico de Cascante.
Centro Termolúdico de Cascante.

Ribera de Navarra in a wheelchair

Friday morning

Manzanos de Azagra Estate

Start the weekend visiting the Manzanos de Azagra Estate, a beautiful château style winery, designed from the outset as an area open to visitors and to the organisation of events, with the primary purpose of disseminating wine culture. The winery is completely wheelchair friendly and there are guided tours that are accessible to disabled people. The winery has a number of disabled toilet facilities, with support bars, transfer space and mobile hoists. The tour of the winery starts with a visit to the vineyards, to discover all about the grape varieties used to make its wines and where you can enjoy some impressive views of this vineyard set on the banks of the Ebro river. Inside the winery, you'll discover all the secrets of Rioja wine and the history of the Fernández Manzanos Family. The tour ends with the tasting of 3 of its wines, together with an appetizer or with a typical local meal, the choice is yours.

Friday afternoon


Tudela, a city of Islamic origin and capital of La Ribera, in southern Navarra, offers considerable historical and cultural wealth. Although the old quarter has cobbled streets, most have paved sides to make it easier to get around in a wheelchair. Start your visit by going to the Tourist Information Office located in the Plaza de los Fueros square, a meeting point and the start of the tour of the Jewish quarter. Exploring its streets, you'll come across some of its treasures such as the Muñoz Sola Museum where you can enjoy a diverse collection of 19th century French paintings. This multi-storey building is wheelchair friendly and has disabled toilets. Another must visit is the Dean's Palace Museum and the Cathedral of Santa María (St Mary) with ground floor street access from a side door and an indoor ramp. Once inside, you can visit the cathedral in a wheelchair. The Dean's Palace has a lift and a disabled toilet. Continuing your tour, there is the Admiral's House. This palace is one of the most interesting examples of civil renaissance architecture in Spain. It has a lift and a number of disabled toilets. Another place of interest to visit is the Palace of the Marquis of Huarte. This magnificent building, which now houses the municipal library and museum, is noted for its imperial staircase and its slender lantern over the courtyard. Wheelchair access is from the Mercadal street, with a ramp. Another must-visit is the Mercado de Abastos food market, where you'll find the freshest products sourced from the market gardens of La Ribera. There is ramp access and a disabled toilet is available.

In Tudela, you can pay a culinary tribute at any of the leading restaurants serving Navarra cuisine, or simply enjoy a selection of tapas at the numerous wheelchair-friendly bars in the historical city centre.

All day Saturday


If you're travelling with children, then Sendaviva is a must-visit. This theme park offers a family day out, with many different attractions for adults and children alike, while you also get the opportunity to discover the world of animals.
Although almost all the park is accessible for wheelchair users, due to the relief of the land, in some sections wheelchair users do require help. If you've got an electric wheelchair, scooter or hand bike, then you can easily get around. You can access all the shows on offer, as there are areas specially reserved for wheelchair users. Disabled toilet facilities are available throughout the park, while a large number of tables in the picnic area are accessible to wheelchairs, as the benches can be moved away to allow for ease of access. For children, most attractions can be accessed with a wheelchair, although this is not the case for adults. A tourist train goes around the park, but it is not accessible to wheelchairs. However there is a truck that can hold a number of wheelchairs, with ramped access from ground level. If you would like to use the truck, it's best to say so when making the booking or at your arrival at the park. There are car parking spaces reserved for persons with reduced mobility next to the main entrance door. To use these spaces, you need to give let the staff know in advance, so that they can open the fences that are closed to other visitors.

Saturday morning

Bardenas Reales

If you are adventure seeking, then discover the Bardenas Reales in a guided tour lasting 4 to 5 hours, led by Activa Experience in either a quad, buggy, 4x4 or in your own car if you are unable to transfer to another type of vehicle. Bear in mind that, during the tour, there are no disabled toilets. So it's a good idea to stop off beforehand at the Bardenas Information Centre which does offer disabled toilet facilities.

And, after an intensive morning, the best way to get your strength back is to sample a fantastic meal at a good restaurant-carvery or cider house in the area.

Saturday afternoon

Cascante Water Leisure Centre

After a morning of intense activity, what better way to relax and enjoy yourself than a visit to the Cascante Water Leisure Centre. Disabled-friendly facilities with disabled toilets and changing rooms, pool with hoist, lift to access the upper floor where you can do weight lifting or relax with a massage session…

And, what better way to round off your day than by visiting the numerous disabled-friendly bars in the old quarter of Tudela, experiencing the great taste of the tapas on offer, if you didn't do so the night before.

Sunday morning

Tarazonica Greenway

Say goodbye to the weekend with a little bit of exercise along the Tarazonica Greenway. The track is suitable for wheelchairs, bikes and pushchairs, as the paving is fairly even and there are practically no slopes along the route.  The entire greenway covers 22 km and goes as far as the town of Tarazona in Zaragoza. Along the route you can enjoy views of the market gardens of Navarra, along gentle paths with hardly any slopes.

Sunday afternoon

Monastery of Fitero

In the afternoon, we propose discovering the first monastery to be constructed by the Cistercian Order in the Iberian Peninsula, namely the Monastery of Fitero. Lose yourself within its walls, erected between 1185 and 1247, enjoy a place that, for centuries, was coveted by monarchs, popes, bishops and lords. We would advise you to access the monastery by the Cortijo street, where there's a parking space reserved for persons with reduced mobility. From there, access to the Monastery is relatively easy, with a paved path for convenient wheelchair access. The other streets are cobbled and wheelchair movement can be more complex, particularly for manual wheelchairs. Inside the Monastery you can enjoy some magnificent views of the Cloisters and the Chapter Hall, although you need to take care with a manual wheelchair as there is a 7 to 10 cm step, with no alternative ramp, at the Cloister exit. Once you've got past this point, you can move freely throughout the Monastery interior.