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* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley


On this route you will get to know the capital of Navarre then change the scenery with a getaway to the nearby picturesque valley of Ultzama. Pamplona, known internationally for its San Fermín festivities, is a green, walled and welcoming city, with a bustling and well-preserved old part of town. Walk through its streets and plazas and discover medieval churches, beautiful hidden corners, a wide range of shops and, of course, the delicious pinchos. Don't leave without visiting its parks, gardens and the charming walk along the river Arga, and enjoy some of the many leisure and cultural alternatives that the city has to offer.

Estimated duration of the route: 1 day, not including the alternatives marked with an asterisk (*)

Did you know that...?

Pamplona is on the Santiago Way, and each day many pilgrims pass through the city, crossing the Gothic bridge of la Magdalena and the Portal of France at the feet of the city walls.

* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley - Catedral
* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley - ´Rincón del Caballo Blanco
´Rincón del Caballo Blanco
* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley - Vuelta del Castillo
Vuelta del Castillo
* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley - Ayuntamiento
* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley - Ciudadela
* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley - Vistas de Pamplona
Vistas de Pamplona
* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley - Robledal de Orgi
Robledal de Orgi
* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley - Cuajada

Practical information

  • Zone The Pamplona Basin
  • Duration in days 1


* 1. Pamplona and a getaway to the Ultzama Valley


The essence of Pamplona

If you decide to spend a full day in the capital, check out the Pamplona in One Day itinerary.
You won’t have much time to spend in the city if you go for route no.1 (aside from the morning), so to help you get the most out of it here’s a list of things you shouldn’t miss:

. The cathedral, constructed between the 12th and 15th centuries, which hides within one of the most beautiful Gothic cloisters in Europe

. The medieval church-forts of San Nicolás and San Saturnino

. A stop in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall Square), and another in the Plaza del Castillo (Castle Square), the heart of the city

. The 840 metres of the internationally renowned bull run of San Fermín

. Two beautiful walks: one which follows the medieval wall, declared a National Monument, and the other the River Park of the Arga, which follows the course of the river and gives us another view of the city - particularly impressive in spring and autumn.

. Wander down the streets and peruse the shops in the old part of town.


If you have time, we would recommend spending the whole day in the capital.

Pamplona has several interesting museums. Here’s a list:

Museum of Navarre: displays the art and history of Navarre from Prehistoric times to the modern day. It has outstanding pieces of work such as the Roman mosaic of the Triumph of Bacchus, the Romanesque capitals of the ancient cathedral, the Mozarabic chest of Leyre, and the portrait of the Marquis of San Adrián painted by Goya. (read more)

. The University of Navarre Museum: designed by Rafael Moneo, is home to a collection of works by artists such as Picasso, Tàpies and Kandisky, among others, as well as the photographic work by Ortiz-Echagüe. (read more)

. The Planetarium: step into the world of astronomy under one of the largest domes in Europe. (read more)

. Oteiza Museum: Located in Alzuza, 8 km from Pamplona, it is home to the personal works of Jorge Oteiza, one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. (read more)


Parks and gardens

Pamplona is one of the cities with the greatest number of green spaces in Spain. Parks with their own unique personalities that are well worth a visit:


. The Citadel, the green lung of the city and one of the best medieval military forts in Europe. (+ info)
. La Taconera, a park created in the style of Versailles, holds a small zoo. (+info)

. The Media Luna, perhaps the most romantic of them all, has spectacular views over the River Arga. [+ info]
. Yamaguchi Park, with its lake and tree species, and ornamental aspects that could belong in a Japanese garden. [+ info]


Ultzama Valley

Just 25 km from the capital we find this valley, filled with meadows, forests, grazing flocks... There’s a good reason they call it the “Navarran Switzerland”. If you want to discover it, you have to get to know some of its beautiful towns such as Larraintzar, Eltso-Gerendiain or Guelbenzu, walk through the thousand-year Orgi Forest or visit the Honey Museum.


An unmissable part of a visit to Pamplona is enjoying the pinchos (read more) in the old part of town, but you could also take the opportunity to discover the signature dishes in the best-known kitchens in the city. (read more).


You can’t leave Ultzama without trying its honey and home-made curd desserts.


A Pamplona non c'è che l'imbarazzo della scelta: da un lato, negozi di prodotti artigianali e il mercato nel centro storico e, dall'altro, i negozi delle grandi marche nella zona dell'Ensanche, cioè l'ampliamento ottocentesco della città. Per un souvenir gastronomico, a Pamplona si trovano tutti i prodotti tipici della regione: i formaggi a denominazione d’origine Roncal e Idiazábal, i peperoni della varietà Piquillo, gli asparagi e l'olio d'oliva o i vini a denominazione d'origine Navarra e Rioja. Non bisogna poi dimenticare il “pacharán”, il liquore a base di anice in cui si fanno macerare le prugne selvatiche, o i dolci come le paste Layana o le irresistibili caramelle di Garrarte


In Pamplona: you can go shopping, rent a canoe or a motorised bicycle, watch a game of pelota, have a go at escaping from the Way Out game, go running, or hiking and mountain biking in the river park, enjoy a night of flamenco, slide across the ice rink in Huarte, go rock climbing on the Aizoain climbing wall, and of course, have a good night out.


In Ultzama there are countless sporting and natural options, such as a game of golf on the Pitch and Putt; collecting mushrooms with experts in the mycology park (seasonal only), horse riding or hiking.