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Winter 2016

The landscape whitens and goes to sleep. After Christmas, ancestral Carnivals and the Javieradas (a popular pilgrimage to the birthplace of the patron saint) come along.

Art and Culture

Enjoy our traditions and discover our heritage of monuments in contrasting natural spaces.

Art and Culture

This season?

Winter 2016 Snow white

Do you fancy putting on some skis, tread virgin snow and slide along enjoying picture-postcard landscapes? The Pyrenees in Navarre await you.

Winter 2016 Don’t miss the festivities with the longest tradition.

The Misterio de Reyes, the fair of San Sebastián and the popular Javieradas share the winter with other ancestral events.

Winter 2016 Carnival, carnival, carnival... I love you!

As well as the Carnival, we can suggest other traditional festivities in Navarre that will help chase the winter cold from your body.

Winter 2016 Cider houses time

Stay in a country guesthouse and enjoy a tasty cider house meal: cod omelette, a succulent T-bone steak, cheese with walnuts and quince jelly… A good option for the winter.

Winter 2016 Shows this winter

The winter agenda in Navarre fills the region’s stages with concerts and theatre, of all kinds and for all ages. Take your seat and enjoy…

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