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Autumn 2015

Navarre places it carpet of colours at your feet. It is a time of mushroom picking, hunting and grape harvests.

Art and Culture

Enjoy our traditions and discover our heritage of monuments in contrasting natural spaces.

Art and Culture

This season?

Autumn 2015 Autumn agenda

Theatres re-open and fill with life, offering us a really varied billboard: concerts, theatre, ballet, shorts...

Autumn 2014 Bring out the autumn colours

Discover and feel the chromatic palette of the Pyrenean landscapes along some of the trails that we propose.

Autumn 2015 Gatronomic events

La gastronomía navarra se impregna de sabores otoñales: pimientos, vino, sidra, trufa, setas y hongos, exquitos platos de caza...saboréalos y participa en las actividades propuestas.

Otoño 2015 Descubre nuestros alojamientos a la carta

Navarra es tierra de diversidad también en cuanto a la calidad y variedad de sus hospedajes

From September to December 2015 Autumn Fairs

A unique way to travel back to the trades of yesteryear and buy livestock, farm machinery, farm products and crafts.

Winter 2016 Carnival, carnival, carnival... I love you!

Miel Otxin, Aldabika, Mari Trapu, the momotxorros and the zaku zaharrak are some of the characters that star during Shrovetide.

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